28th May – Collection of Jumbo 14×12 Nucs now

the Jumbo 14×12 nucs are now ready for collection so those of you who have ordered them should have got an email to arrange a collection day.

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24th April – Collection of Overwintered Nucs

FERA has inspected all the nucs and have given them the all clear. We are now arranging days for collection of the overwintered nucs so expect an email shortly with further details.

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18th April – Overwintered Nucs

With the spell of warmer weather now upon us, we have managed to do a proper inspection on the nucs. All are building up nicely with all stages of brood showing. We want to give it a couple more weeks to give them time to increase the number of workers in the colonies and get them checked by FERA, then we can dispatch them.

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15th April – Queens now available

We now have a good supply of Queens available for dispatching each week.

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22nd Mar – Overwintered Nucs

With March begin so cold and wet, this has delayed us inspecting the overwintered Nucs. These should be ready 2nd half of April, once they have been inspected by the FERA bee inspector for good health.

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13th Feb – Now taking orders for second batch of Nucs and colonies

Our batch of overwintered Nucs have sold out so we are now taking orders for our second batch. This will include 6 frame nucs and full size colonies which should be ready from June onwards. A good selection available.

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12th Feb – Overwintered Nucs

We have very few overwintered nucs left available to buy for April collection, so if you want bees early then get your order in soon. Once these have sold we will have the second batch of nucs available to buy which are ready end of May onwards.

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14th Sept – Spring 2013 Orders

Well, before even the 2012 season has finished, we are now planning for 2013. We have overwintered nucs available for pre-order ready for April 2013. We will also be taking orders for Queens and other nucs later on.

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24th Aug – Last batch of Queens Available

Season is drawing to an end. We have the last batch of Mated Queens available for this year.

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9th Jul – Mated Queens ready to go

We still have Mated Queens available this week for quick dispatch. The weather has not been great for virgin Queens to get mated and many are appearing as drone layers or even failed completely. Although there is still time to get a new Queen mated and laying in your colony before the season ends, the sooner you get eggs and new younger bees appear in the hive again, the better the chance of the colony overwintering.

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