Welcome to IWantBees, part of "Paynes Bee Farm" and THE place for buying colonies of Bees and Queens. Being a fully operational Bee Farm looking after more than 1500 hives, this family run business is well-rehearsed in the breeding of Honeybee Colonies, and take pride and care in every order placed. We have been supplying locally bred honeybees for over 90 years, helping both experienced and beginners alike. We look forward to helping you with your own requirements.

We are able to offer you bees in the form of our popular 6-frame Nucs, more advanced Full-Size Colonies or our Package bees. We also breed Local Queens as well as sourcing from the best, dedicated Queen breeders from across Europe to offer a diverse range of Queen Bees with traits that suit every need. Whichever you choose you may rest-assured that they are strong, healthy honeybees that have been cared for by our own dedicated team of beekeepers. All our nucs and colonies offered for sale comply with Defra latest guidelines. We are DASH accredited, meaning we are fully trained in disease identification and management, and work closely with the official Bee Inspectors from the NBU at all times.

Our over-wintered colonies and nucs, all with marked & mated Queens, are carefully monitored throughout the Autumn and Winter months ready for collection in the spring. We will also have Summer nucs available from early Summer till Autumn. We supply Nationwide, across the UK, contact us for latest details.

We look forward to bringing you into the exciting and ever-fulfilling world of beekeeping.