Bee Order Update 21st Feb

Bee Order Update 21st Feb

Overwintered colonies - ready in Spring, aiming for April
package bees              - ready mid to end of May

Update for those of you who have not ordered their bees yet

Hurry up!   We are getting big demand at the moment and we are due to run out by the end of the month so get your orders in now.   We know some of you have been asking about bees but waiting before you order. All i can say is don't wait too long....


Update for those who have an order with us already.

As soon as the weather warms up we start getting questions about when the bees will be ready.     It is far too early to say for sure at the moment, we need to ensure the colonies have made it through the winter months safely and in a healthy state and this all takes time.   We always state April as the month the bees will be ready but this will all depend on the weather throughout February and March.   A few warms days does not make it Spring.   However, currently we are still on schedule for April, the nucs have made it nicely through the winter so far and some are already a very strong size.    We'll be monitoring all the colonies over the next few weeks and i'm hoping to send out emails around mid-march to get you booked in for April.   In the Meantime, do keep an eye on this blog page and will update the status when we can.