Colony Update - 16th Feb 2022

So it get to this time of the year and the questions start arriving, such as 'how are the bees doing?' and 'When can i collect my bees?' so it's time to get you all an update.

It is too early still to give any actual dates, so much can still happen between now and Spring.   All we can say is we have April still penciled in for collection dates.   We'll probably aim for Mid to Late April as this will give plenty of time to make sure the colonies are nice, strong and healthy and allows best chance of success for any of the beginners to get a good start.    We'll update with further information here as we know more but a few key points:

  • We'll email you when ready to book a collection slot, but do contact us if you don't here from us by April.
  • We will have collection days weekdays and weekends.
  • You get instructions and advice beforehand so you know what to do on the day.

So fingers crossed we get a good start to the Spring and don't get any late snow or 'Beast from the East' again.