Nuc Order Update - 6th April

We are busy at the moment with all the nucs of bees, getting them checked over.   The warm weather that we had a few weeks ago really helped them along and come out of their 'winter state' nicely.    However, the weather has turned colder and wetter and we've noticed their keen-ness to expand has slowed slightly.   Not enough to be a worry, but this is one of the reasons we don't dispatch nucs on the first week of Spring.  I know many of our customers are beginners so we need to ensure that the bees, the season and the beekeepers are all ready at the same time :)

We are still on schedule for end of April dispatching.  Here are a few key points:

We do have hundreds of nucs to get through so it will take a few weeks to do.  There will be multiple collection days available, including weekends.
Full instructions will be given before you collect your bees.
We will email you with a choice of booking days in a couple of weeks time.
Any equipment you need can be collected on the day too.