Collecting Day

So the big day is approaching and the bees are almost ready to hand over.   What can be expected?    well all orders are done in the order that they are recieved.  Once we get to your order we will contact you via email and/or telephone.    

If you are wanting to collect your bees, which is what we would recommend, then you can normally collect on a number of different days during the week, including Saturday morning.    Ideal time for collection is between 9-11am.    Please do not get here before 9am as we will be busy preparing your bees and it will only delay the collections as we stop to welcome you.    If you are going to be after 11am, then please do let us know roughly what time you are expecting to get to us so we can ensure your bees are in best health when you do arrive.

On arrival, we will run through the instructions, making sure everyone knows what to do with their bees, answering any questions at the end.   We will then take any final payments due and any equipment orders wanted before showing you to your bees.

collection point is from Paynes Bee Farm ltd, wickham hill, Hassocks, West Sussex, BN6 9NP.   For those who have visited our farm before, you will know that parking is limited.   Normally you can just pull up and park in our lane and then continue on to exit.   Other customers can park up behind you.

You should not need any beekeeping equipment with you however it is probably best to travel with a spare beesuit in the car, just in case.   on hot days, and if your journey is more than a few hours, we would advise a water sprayer or water bottle so you can give the bees a drink if they need it.   Short journeys and colder days are not a problem for this.

Some days can be very busy with collections.   please be patient with us and other beekeepers while we see to everyone.   Because of parking we will try and see to everyone in the order they arrive.    Collecting days are very exciting for many new beekeepers, getting their first colony of bees, you can help make their first beekeeping experience enjoyable too.

We are able to post bees via Parcelforce.   we use a pre-9am delivery when available to minimise the transit time for the bees.   Costs are around £50 for 1 nuc, £60 for 2.     posting is not recommended and we would prefer you to collect your bees direct but understand that this is not always possible.   please note that BEES ARE SENT AT YOUR RISK.