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British Queen, bred on the South Downs, marked with this years' colour.  Bred to be calm and placid, both on the comb and in handling.  Overwinters nicely on a single brood box.   Ready to introduce into a queenless colony or to replace an ageing or failing queen.  This is a Virgin queen so will need to go on her mating flight after she has been introduced into your colony.  This will mean it will take longer before you start to see eggs, compared to a mated queen, and has more risks involved.  If you are new to beekeeping and need a queen, we would recommend a mated queen instead, see the other options in the queen category.

Our Local bred Queen, produced from our local stocks.

Normally available May-Sept (season dependent).   We can normally dispatch within the week, however we will notify if this is not possible.

Queens posted standard post are only replaced if DOA is notified within 24hrs of our posting them.   We are not responsible for delays in Royal Mail postage.     Although there is rarely a problem, we recommend the recorded post option to minimise delays.
Please also note:  you cannot start a colony with a Queen only, you need a nucleus or full colony of Bees.    Introducing a Queen into a colony is never 100% successful, we are not responsible if your Queen is not accepted and is killed or goes 'Missing' during the introduction stage.