Business Setup (10 x Full Colonies in poly hives)


Price: £3,000.00
Full Price - deposit & final payment
Deposit Only (-£2,000.00)
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If you run a company or Business and would like to have your own hives, producing your own honey, this deal gets you setup with 10 hives full of bees.   Each of the 10 full colony of bees comes in a national poly hive with a marked and laying queen, with brood in all stages. The hive will consist of a new Open Mesh Floor, Brood Chamber, 11 Frames, Roof and Travelling Straps.  The colony will be a full set of of bees, covering the brood box from side to side and are sold ready to add supers straight away (They will NOT be supplied with Supers or a Queen Excluder so make sure you have them ready). These bees are locally bred from our own apiaries which have been overwintered to assure a proven, well established colony.

Ready for collection in the Spring onwards, keep an eye on the home page for up-to-date schedules.    You will also receive emails informing you of their Status.

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