What if i don't know the first thing about bees?
Although we don't make it a requirement before buying bees from us, we strongly recommend that you join your local beekeeping association and start reading lots of beekeeping books.   You can find a list of local associations by clicking here.

Why can't you give me an accurate delivery date straight away?
As you will learn, when it comes to beekeeping, there are many things out of our control. Bees and the weather work to their own timetable. We will not supply the colony until we are satisfied that the bees are fit, healthy and strong with a properly laying Queen and has brood in all stages. We understand that this can be frustrating when you are waiting for your first colony of bees, but we check and double-check the nucs and we aren't satisfied until we know they are ready.    As the season progresses, we will update your expected delivery date on the website as soon as we have a better understanding of times.

Can you post bees to me?
No, we do not post out bees..

Queens can be posted via Royal Mail Recorded for an extra £6.00.   or they can be collected from our shop.

When do I pay for my bees?
For Nucs and Full Colonies, you will be required to place a non-refundable deposit (see terms & conditions for further details) when you place your order.     The remainder is paid on collection.
For Queens, you will pay the full price upon purchase.

What happens when the bees are ready for collection?
Estimated timescales are shown on the website.    There will be general updates on the homepage informing you what the bees are doing.   When the bees are ready, you will be emailed and/or telephoned to arrange a day for collection.    Collections take place about 9am in the morning, although other times can be arranged.   There is normally a group of you collecting, one of our staff will walk you through the instructions making sure you understand what you need to do and to answer any questions that you may have.   You will be given an opportunity to view the nucs through the clear plastic crownboards before purchase.    Any final, remaining payment will be taken on the day.

If I keep bees, will I get stung?
Unfortunately, no matter how careful you are, there is always a risk of getting stung.  Our stock of bees are bred to be gentle and placid, however, we would always recommend that you inspect your colonies wearing your veil and with a smoker.    Like humans, bees have bad days too.