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A 6 frame nuc with a 6 frame extension box, giving you 12 whole frames which are British Standard frames making it suitable for National or WBC hives. 

With roughly about 15,000 bees and a marked and mated Queen, our nucs are bound to have a great start in the Spring after you collect them.  There will be minimum of 6 frames of brood and plenty of stores, everything that a colony needs to thrive.   We pride ourselves on the good condition of the nucs and we believe you wont be disappointed.    These nucs will need transferring straight away into a full size hive and will be ready to add supers immediately - an instant honey collecting hive!

Our overwintered nucs are built up during the previous summer on new frames with fresh foundation and a nice young Queen.    We nurture them as they build up and are regularly checked for signs of disease or problems to ensure the colony is healthy and the Queen is of good stock.    They are also checked regularly by the bee inspectors from the National Bee Unit.    Only then, once we are 100% happy with them, do we prepare them for early Spring collection by our customers.   They Come in our Polystyrene Nuc hive which is safe and secure for travelling and is yours to keep afterwards too!

What to expect from each nuc&extension box?

  • Bees - 12 frames will be covered with bees
  • Brood - at least 6 frames will have brood in all stages, normally more
  •  Stores - at least 3 frame of stores, normally more.
  • Queen - marked and laying nicely.
  • Healthy - No signs of disease & low varroa mite level.
  • Calmness - No signs of aggression while we inspect the colony.

Deposit to pay now and £150 balance due on/before collection, or pay full price now.

NOTE:  this item is COLLECTION ONLY from our shop in Hassocks, West Sussex, BN6 9NP   If you would like a nuc posted/delivered to you, check out our posted nucs here

Ready for collection Early Spring onwards, keep an eye on the home page for up-to-date schedules.    You will also receive emails informing you of their Status.